Please visit the website and register promptly https://sipencatar.icpa-banyuwangi.ac.id

There are two diploma III study programs, and a non-diploma pilot program

Identity, active email address, parental data, report card grades, and other requirements should be provided in accordance with the announcement.

Can be accessed through the following link : https://sipencatar.icpa-banyuwangi.ac.id/

Payment methods for the test fee can be viewed through the link provided : https://sipencatar.icpa-banyuwangi.ac.id/biaya_seleksi

The implementation of the SIPENCATAR test can be conducted at 40 (forty) locations as listed in the announcement at the provided link : https://sipencatar.dephub.go.id

The maximum age for applicants is 23 years old as of September 1 of the current year

For errors, Nik can confirm via the helpdesk, not for Polbit sipencatar registrants, but on the link https://helpdesk.bkn.go.id. For non-regular sipencatar participants, they can confirm via the ICPA banyuwangi helpdesk.

Government institution schools are higher education institutions that are affiliated with government agencies as educational providers

For applicants under 17 years old, they can upload their family card as well as a selfie while also using the family card.

Please select the 'forgot password' menu on the login page and complete the required information on the email.

Ensure that the size and type of the files do not exceed their respective limits as specified in the required documents. If they exceed the set size limit

Registrants can only apply to one school and one major at the applied public institution..

If you have been declared administratively qualified, completed the billing code payment, and have been verified, then you may proceed to print the examination card.